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Cupertino Tree Services offers complete tree stump grinding and removal services in Cupertino. Our team at Cupertino is aware that every client has different requirements and needs, so we’re offering two main ways to remove or ground these. Both procedures have their advantages and disadvantages – but with our knowledgeable crew on-site to guide you along the way, it’ll make picking your favorite option an easy task!

Stump grinding is the process of chopping down trees, covering them with soil and then planting a new tree. The stump can be ground down below to blend it better or covered with topsoil for plantation purposes.

A stump grinder is a heavy machine with a blade that chops up any tree stumps into small pieces. The edges are powerful enough to grind the more authoritarian roots and make them easier on workers’ backs because they don’t have to dig or cut away at it as complete removal would do. However, this method can only be used in neighborhoods with not much development going on and commercial areas since the ground need rejuvenation after using the equipment.

Have you ever seen a tree that has been cut down, and the stump is still there? That’s because complete removal includes getting rid of the whole thing. You have to make sure all roots are gone before digging up this bad boy from your yard. It may be more labour-intensive than grinding but makes for an environmentally friendly choice if done right!

The team at Cupertino Tree Services has been trained to identify and remove all types of stumps with the proper equipment. They have various methods in their arsenal for removing stubborn roots from rocky or rugged landscapes, such as high hardness levels.

If you have stumps that need to be removed, we are the professionals for the job. We can grind them in seconds and leave your property looking as if nothing was ever there! To get started with us today on removing those pesky trees from your yard.

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